Vocab Malone is a Christian hip hop artist and slam poet who has recorded five full length albums, numerous underground tracks, and has collaborated with a wide variety of artists. His specialty on stage is getting the crowd involved in a fun way. He was profiled in 2009 as one of Phoenix’s Top Local MC’s by the New Times.

Along with pursuing a Master’s Degree at Phoenix Seminary, Vocab is a Pastor at Roosevelt Community Church and leads the church’s in-house adult education training program, Roosevelt Institute, as well as a monthly evangelistic “Bible Questions Table” outreach. Vocab also hosts a weekly radio program Backpack Radio, which focuses on apologetics.

In 2002, Vocab went to the Poerty Slam International Nationals. He has recited his pieces in coffee houses and art galleries throughout the U.S. These experiences have enabled him to engage a variety of audiences, from college campuses to local libraries. He’s also used poetry to help support the Arizona Right to Life movement.

VOCAB has ministered in many juvenile penitentiaries and low-income neighborhoods. He can often be found freeestyling on a downtown corner as part of an outreach supported by URBAN ARTISTS UNITED [UAU]. UAU received the award for BEST CHRISTIAN HIP HOP ARTISTS by THE PHOENIX NEW TIMES in 2006.

Vocab spends his free time drinking espresso. He has passion for orphan care and has three children who are adopted. Vocab loves to read to (e.g., the Bible and comics) and play with (e.g., GI Joe and Star Wars) his three boys.


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